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People often ask, “why do we need astrology?”
”I couldn’t possibly spend that much time thinking about myself.”

To these thoughts, I have varied responses, but mostly it comes down to this….
Astrology helps give us permission to be exactly who we are, eliminating the need for self-judgment and comparison. The goal of the work is to help us remember what our natural, instinctual nature is. To help us stop fighting ourselves. To help us stop trying to pretend to be someone we are not.” (Debra Silverman)
From my perspective, it is never selfish getting to know yourself on a deeper level; rather it is an act of radical self-love. Once we can see ourselves and our innate psychological patterns through the eyes of love and non-judgment, it is so much easier to love and understand our friends, family and lovers. We are all just trying our best to show up authentically and to be ourselves, which can be hard in the manufactured world that we live in. Let astrology do the heavy lifting of figuring out what archetypal energies you are carrying and instead revel in the joy of self-acceptance that this ancient tool holds for you. Astrology is the oldest science on Earth, after all. Come find out where you fit in the cosmic puzzle through a safe path of self-acceptance and healing, and of course, playtime and laughter!



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